Friday, January 9, 2009

New poll, Old Poll

I thought every one was gonna go with fixed gears, but what do I know. I too shall rejoice, remember the early 90's? Oh yea, you were born in '91 my bad, oops. New poll, with this "exodus" to Victoria I ask you all what will you do once you get there?

Basically those are the only things I can think of to do there. People will say that the skate scene is super rad and I don't disagree (that it is awesome) but as we all know you are too Old to be playing with toys. Its time to grow up and think about your future. Your vote will stop terror, if you don't vote our future is uncertain.


dna said...

I am going to start longboarding up at the university and pick up mass amounts of hot blondes!!!! You're jelous!!!

Anonymous said...

your blog is getting gay.
quit being gay.