Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I need an answer.

I need a little help from you guys, I Enjoy snowboarding a lot, and I go and do "the boarding" more than your average "Snowboarder". Coming from a skateboard background, I am just wondering if snowboarders look at skateboarders the same way I look at them. I see a bunch of spoiled boners who dress retarded and get all pissy when things don't go THEIR way. I know not all snowboarders are actually like this (some of my best friends are "snowboarders") and many skaters are. This is what I see, If the book has a shitty cover I just assume it has shitty words and paragraphs and shit too. I might lose some friends over this, but whatever I'm not in it to win friends. This ain't the fucking Hills. Please review the photos and vote to your right. Thanks,



u always use the word boners
is that all you think about
boner this boner that
geez why dont u just marry one


anonymous diddler

El Scumador said...

its more that consumers are jerk offs, as i see it. and snowboarder consumers are fucking lame. 700 for a fuckin board, plus 300 for some stupid flourescent camo cummy 100% waterproof snow pants. oh god, i just got upset. get bent! eat acid! shred painted curbs!DIY! Fuckyou!

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate fucking snowboarders. I'd rather eat lead than hang out in a room with them anymore. Has that scene gotten fucking worse?? I was at a vid premier a couple weeks ago and I found it more hateful than the whole time I lived in Whistler a few years ago. Is THAT much ego really so fuuuucking necessary???

dna said...

Nate, you're spoiled. Quit drivin' that beemer to work, and stop eating the bag lunches your ma packs for you every morning, then you have permission to hate on gaylords.

dna said...

...most of this new generation of skateboarders are whiny ungrateful spoiled little bitches that wear funny clothes. They probably get along quite nicely with the snow sliders.